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Chakra - Tumbled
  • Chakra - Tumbled


    These crystals were selected to work with each of your chakras.  They are affixed via a glue dot next to their corresponding chakra symbol on top of a hand waxed piece of hardwood.  The natural hollowed portion has been hand painted and filled with resin to complete this natural look. The bottom of the chakra set has been finished with a piece of felt so it can be set on any surface.

    Crown Chakra
    Location: Top of head. Color "White" or "Deep Purple"  Spiritual connection and transformation.   It is the place of our minds and the meeting point between our physical body and the soul and universe.  I AM A VESSEL FOR LOVE & LIGHT.

    3rd Eye Chakra
    Location: Center of forehead. Color "Purple" or "Indigo" Opening and activating this chakra will allow an awareness of higher dimensional energies and will strengthen the entire auric field and etheric body.  I TRUST MY INTUITION.
    Throat Chakra
    Location: Center of the neck.  Color:  "Blue"   Although this chakra is the center point of communication, it affects the entire body. Besides speech, you also express yourselves through your hand gestures, facial movements, body postures, and more.  I SPEAK MY TRUTH.  
    Heart Chakra
    Location:  Center of the chest.  Color: "Green"  Transformation and integration.  I LOVE MYSELF AND OTHERS FEARLESSLY.  
    Solar Plexus Chakra
    Location: Upper portion of belly. Color "Yellow".  Expression of will, personal power and mental abilities.  I AM PROUD OF MY ACHIEVEMENTS.   
    Sacral Chakra
    Location: 3" below navel.  Color "Orange".  Associated with emotional body, sensuality and creativity.  Center of our feelings.  I LET GO OF PAST FEELINGS THAT NO LONGER SERVE ME. 
    Root Chakra
    Location: Base of spine.  Color "Red" or "Black".  It represents our most basic needs and desires, our physical and emotional safety and security. It is our foundation, from where we can then address our more complex emotions and higher thinking.  I AM STRONG, SUPPORTED AND ABUNDANT   
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